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We Offer 10 Different Ways for You to Process Payments

Complete List of 
Our Business Services 
& Products Below.
Electronic Cash Register w/ Integrated Credit Card Processing
ATM Machine Placement
NEW EMV Compatible 
Credit Card Machines. 
With ApplePay NFT (Near Field Technology) Free Placement!
POS Systems: Choose from 
 $39 or $69 Per Month, Free Installation, Training, Arrives Customized with your inventory/Menu
$69 Per Month, POS System Complete Package comes with everything below
$39 Per Month Complete Tablet POS System with Integrated Cash Register, Credit Card Processing and Printer. Manage Inventory and Employee's
Get a New EMV Compatible Credit Card Machine (which verifies the authenticity of a customers credit card at the point of sale. It also comes with built in ApplePay/ Near field technologyallowing customers to  for your business.  

*  Choose from a standard phone line connection. 

* An IP connection (Ethernet Cable) 

*  Wireless Credit Card Machine that operates off of a        GPS Satellite so you can do business on the go.
Besides the Wireless Credit Card Machine mentioned above we offer 4 more Mobile Credit Card Processing Options. Click on each picture for details about that offer.

* Free Cell Phone Swipe with rates of 1.09%

* Free Tablet Processing with rates of 0.50%

* Ecommerce Processing: Allows Customers to pay directly on your website. Rates start at 1.59% 
(Call 877-748-9977 for info Details)

* Software, which allows you to login to their secured online software any computer and hand key in your customer's transactions. This is great for businesses who primarily take orders over the phone. 
(Call 877-748-9977 for details)

* Get FREE QuickBooks Pro Software and a Credit Card Swiper (Valued at $400) that can attach to a tablet or Laptop allowing you both process all major credit cards      and have everything automatically updated in your new      QuickBooks software.
 Starting at just $39 Per Month you can choose from a Brand New, Sleek Tablet POS System with a fully integrated cash register, credit card processing and receipt printer.

 Manage inventory, and employee's. This system also includes a Social Network Marketing Feature that allows you to choose from hundreds of customized templates allowing you coupons and advertising bits to your customers via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your website, email list and text list.
Double click images below for more info. Must have Adobe Reader to view PDF document.
Counter Top Credit Card Machine's 
 (double click on pictures below to view detailed PDF flyers for each product)
Rates as low as 0.50% + 5 cents. Best for Retail Stores, Restaurants,  Medical Offices, Business Offices etc.

Mobile Credit Card Processing
 (double click on pictures below to view detailed PDF flyer)
Rates as low as .50% + 5 cents. Best For Small Retail Stores, Independent Contractors, Trade Shows, Barbers, Stylists, Truck Drivers, Landscapers, Service Repair, Plumbers, HVAC Companies, Food Delivery, Computer Repair etc.
   Tablet POS System, Integrated Cash Register, Credit Card Processing, Printer + Marketing Software. 
                                                   (double click on pictures below to view detailed PDF flyer)
                     Best for Retail Stores and Restaurants with medium customer traffic. Less than 1000 customers per month.
Electronic Cash Register with built in Credit Card Processing. Allows you to customize categories and departments. Fast, Reliable, FREE PLACEMENT and FREE Shipping.  Processing Rates start at 0.50 Bases Points with a 5 cents transaction fee. Fully warranted, 24 hours customer support and technical support. This application cannot be completed online. Call 877-748-9977 ext 2 and request that one is either faxed, email, mailed or we can arrange for a representative to meet at your business and provide all the paperwork you need to get started.
                                 Electronic Casio Cash Register with Built in Credit Card Processing 
                                             (double click on pictures below to view detailed PDF flyer)
                     Best for Retail Stores and Restaurants with medium customer traffic. Less than 1000 customers per month.
                (Click Here To Apply Online for Merchant Services, and you will be redirected to another site.)
 Point of Sale Systems Customized to Your Industry Type
  (Double click on pictures below to view detailed PDF flyer)
Great for Medium to Large Retail Stores, Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Pizzaria's, Liquor Stores, Jewelry Stores, Sporting Good Stores, Consignment Shops and more.

​       ​Call 877-748-9977 For Details.  Getting Setup is Easy!
ATM Machines: Buy, Lease, Rent or Qualify for Free Placement
     (Click here to view a detailed PDF document of our ATM Program)

We offer two systems priced at $39 a month for one, and  $69 per month for the other. They are valued at $4500. 

​System arrives programmed and ready to operate. We upload your inventory if you sale retail items, and your menu's if you are a restaurant. We offer free installation, setup and training. System also comes fully warranted and you will have access to 24 hour customer support and technical support.

Manage your employee's inventory, generate reports, save time on daily business tasks by allowing the POS System to keep track of the important things.  You even have access to the back office from any computer with internet access, which allows you to change prices, generate reports, see what has sold etc. Giving you the peace of mind you need.

* Perkwave: Pay-at-the-Table App- Powered by Apple Pay
  Allows restaurant customers to pay at the table quickly, 
  easily and securely as this APP is fully integrated with       our POS Systems  

Triton Traverse
Equipping your business with an ATM will generate an additional revenue stream and create a risk-free form of payment:

CASH! Eliminate the hassle of providing cash-back, avoid paying debit fees and earn a surcharge on every transaction instead. Contact Harbortouch ATM today and add the benefits of having an ATM machine at your location.
Secure Software 
that Supports a Virtual Terminal,
E-Commerce, and 
Hand Keyed Transactions
Mobile Processing Via Cell Phone or Tablet. We Provide Free Tablets Built in Credit Card Processing 
Rates 0.50 Bases Points
Free Tablet POS 
with Built in Credit Card Processing. Manage Inventory and Employees
​Free QuickBooks Pro 2013 with Built in Credit Card Processing